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Northern Norway’s Silicon Valley may have a job for you

A sustainable battery factory in the mid-sized town of Mo i Rana promises new jobs and new opportunities for local and international workers. Adecco is on board and ready to support newly arrived in finding worthwhile employment.

Just south of the Arctic Circle, at the beautiful Helgeland Coast, surrounded by fjords and mountains is the Norwegian town of Mo i Rana. As the second-largest city in Nordland with easy access to the coast, the town is a year-round destination for travelers and workers alike. Its spectacular and varied surroundings make it a popular choice for anyone wanting closeness to nature.

But something is brewing in the small city, whose history stretches back to the Middle Ages through hunting, fishing, and trading posts. Long known as “Jernverksbyen”, Mo i Rana was the industrial center during the ironworks era, with multiple iron factories being established during the first half of the last century. With a long heritage of factory culture, it’s no wonder new and innovative businesses want to establish themselves in what is now being hailed as “Northern Norway’s Silicon Valley”.

By 2023, the first 300 workers are set to be in place at the company FREYR’s first factory in Mo i Rana. FREYR develops environmentally friendly lithium-ion-based battery cells, which are vital for the shift to renewable energy and to reduce global CO2 emissions.

– This is absolutely crucial for the green shift, but will also lead to many great opportunities in the local community, says Camilla Lønvik, Head of Adecco Region North. - In Adecco, we are focused on The Future of Work, and want to support workers and businesses in creating sustainable jobs for tomorrow.

The local Adecco team in Mo i Rana

It is estimated that with the establishment of FREYR, Mo i Rana will receive 5000 new inhabitants by 2025. Adecco has a long history in the region of supplying, guiding, and creating jobs within many different industries, ranging from education and clerical work to logistics and construction.

– We are so excited for this next chapter in Mo i Rana’s history, says Robin Utland, Regional Branch Manager in Adecco. Mo i Rana is a great place to raise a family and offers so many exciting nature opportunities right outside of the town center. We are very eager to help new settlers find work in areas fitted for their experience.

Freyr is set to open production by Q2 2024, and international workers are already starting to move in.

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